October 10, 2011

Quite possibly my favorite set of beads. EVER.

These make me happy that
I know how to melt glass.

Knowing how to melt glass
makes me happy
that I can make them again
licking yours would be
kinda rude,


PS.  I am making a cameo bartending appearance tonight, and I think you should totally come have a beer with me.  Although technically I can't actually *have* a beer with you, I could stand there and watch you drink yours.  I promise not to drool.


  1. I see why it is your fave and it is so mine too! I would love to sit in a bar with you girlfriend you totally rock!

  2. Yup, I can see why too!!! They'd be awesome in round too. Love all the colors swirling around, beautiful!

  3. It would be so hard to part with such loveliness. I am partial to the stripey one with the earthy tones. Really great stuff. Here's to you! (Raises virtual mug o' beer!)
    Enjoy the day.

  4. YO! Why are you bogarting those beads?!!! You totally know that there are people in your following who covet such beauty...I see a "kalypso-esque" quality to them - and them's my favorite series of your beads.

    You should totally melt MORE glass to make MORE of that beady goodness...and share, share, share the beauty!!!!

  5. I'm glad you know how to melt glass too, these beads droolistic! If I was not 90 miles from you and did not have to get up at 4:30am I would be there. Instead I will drink a Bud Light at home and toast to you!

  6. I'm noticeably happier having feasted my eyes on those beads, too.
    Thanks, kid.

  7. Man, I don't know why you love those so much! It couldn't be the yummy swirls of lavender, caramel, indigo......sigh....love, drool, love, drool.
    Had a microbrew in your honor Friday night! It was very good!

  8. Girl I would be licking all those beads to keep people from taking them :) Wish I lived closer and we could go out for a beer because I am sure we could get into some real trouble :)
    Take care girl!!!

  9. You don't like what you do at all - I can tell! :)