October 3, 2011

I don't usually even allow a blue rod and an orange rod on my torch table at the same time.

I haven't had much to offer in the way of creativity in the jewelry department for the last little while...until over the weekend a lovely customer bought a few sets of beads and requested I make something out of one them. 

I'm not usually a fan of forced frivolity, because having to do a thing makes the thing not so much fun, but I'll just go ahead and admit that this?  This was fun.

It was so fun that when a custom order for
a Bama bracelet came in a little later
I knew exactly what to do~

and now I have to make myself one of those sets too.
Right after I finish the 6 other orders I've gotten
for various college teams.
Including Auburn.
Which is a bit of a challenge
for a Bama girl.
Know what I mean?



  1. I hadn't even thought of football colors.....hmmm.

  2. You funny woman! I love the look of those bracelets!

  3. Sure that's not an Ohio State bracelet? :) Would be fun to wear here in Michigan, the land of maize and blue. Seeing as I'm an OSU grad and all...

  4. Mmm lovin' that Bama Girl bracelet and YES I do know what you mean!!!! RTR

  5. I love those bracelets, esp. the red & white & black one (because I just love those colors always!). These are really gorgeous, Juls. I want some MORE dotted beads!

  6. I've made school colors before but not for a while. Today, however, I made our high school colors (orange/black) and Michigan State colors (green/white).
    No bracelets, though, just single BHB's