July 25, 2011

I have 40+ new sets of beads to list plus another 10 in the kiln, which means someone should come over and smash a cupcake into my face, donchathink?

It'll probably take a few days to get them all listed,
and you'll find 'em in my Etsy Shop.

I know it kind of sucks that the StudioJuls special ended, 
but seriously?
$15 for a set of 6 beads
is still pretty awesome!
Especially for Julsbeads
because in case you didn't know
each one is lovingly rinsed in fairy pee
for free.



  1. chuckle SNORT! Fairy pee! I am practically peeing myself over this and I ain't no fairy!

    What flavah? (Cupcake, not pee because that would be G-R-O-double S).

    Been using some of my considerable Julsbead stash. But there are not enough hours in the day for me to use them all. But I'ma tell you that when I do I will be looking for a sweet Julsbead fix! Buy 'em up people! $15 is a STEAL!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. That picture is making me drool on my keyboard. Seriously. Hand me a paper towel, please? I want 'em all, but I can't this month - good luck with the sale, that's a mega huge deal!!

  3. Got my amazing beads today, Juls. I'm madly in love with them and don't think I'll do anything with them except stare at them and fondle. Awesome work. Thank you SO SO much!

  4. Yummy yummy gum-drop...(the beads, not the fairy pee)! They all look good.