July 18, 2011

Bead Specials ~ $10 SETS!

I've just listed 14 bead sets for $10 over at StudioJuls.  You should go snag 'em before someone else does.

I've also put 2 wholesale collections of 20 Earring Pairs on sale for $75.  Because I'm crazy.  But you knew that already.


Next up I'll be listing a few new
sets in my ETSY SHOP


Thanks for the comments and emails over my last post.  I took it down because....well, because I wanted to. 

In case you haven't heard it today, You Rock.




  1. Hi Juls! I was just in your shop - I pounced before my faves were already gone!

  2. i love the bones! I put a few in my favorites list and hoping they are still there when I get paid next month. SO cute and So creative. As always just amazing work!

  3. I'm so wanting all those water named beads and two of the purpley-red ones, too. Supposed to be on a bead budget but may have to compromise (I buy some not none!). They're so pretty!

  4. Okay, who ate all the grape ones? I've just licked my computer screen and drooled all over my keyboard and those yummy deep purple grape ones... gone. (Bummer for me, happy for you honestly.)

    Juls these are all beautiful! I'm spreading the word! Hope the popsicles have been good to you!

  5. Hey great sale!!! I love them all.
    And thanks for the "you rock" I needed that.