May 16, 2011

Lampwork Grab Bags~ 20+ beads for Twinny Figh Dollas!

I spent over an hour this morning cleaning orphan beads.  By orphan beads I mean those that were too big or small or not quite the right color for the set they were meant to belong to.  Now my fingers look like prunes and I have a bigass bowl of beads trying to have a party on my table.

I think the party should happen at YOUR house, don't you?

Each bag will have 20 to 25 beads and each contains at least one focal.  There are no plain spacers in the bags~ but some contain Big hole beads and silver glass beads and beads wrapped in silver.  The price is $25, and that includes shipping.

SOLD OUT.   Thanks, y'all!

If you'd like one, shoot me AN EMAIL with your paypal address and I will send an invoice.



  1. Oh my what a deal except you know I have to as are Twinny Figh hugs and smiley faces good as dollas? Nope I didn't think so either. LOL


  2. doesn't pay to read blogs late I see, LOL...great that you got them all sold!

  3. Hi Juls,that's dido for me :( sorry i missed out. take care Miss Juls ttfn :)