April 14, 2011

O is for.......Obedience?

I know.  I've as much right to talk about obedience as does a pea-sized embryo floating in utero, mostly because I've never met a rule I wouldn't finger thump in the face even if accidentally.  Some people probably consider such behavior to be passive aggressive, but I'm not sure I care.   I think rules are typically too stupid to see aggression coming, and I bet they can't even spell passive.   

It's too bad e-piphany doesn't start with an O, because I just had one and while it would be so much more O~ish if it did start with O I am going to share it with you anyway.  Are you ready?

It is probably a blessing that I don't have children because there is *no* *way* they could wear my genes and still do whatever it is I might tell them to do.  Plus that whole telling people what to do thing really isn't my.....thing. 

Which is either because A) I don't like rules or H) because most of them are stupid.


Occupying my morning:



(I cleaned it!)
(I put stuff away and everything!)

Of course this photo was taken half an hour ago,
which means the top of the table is no longer visible.



  1. First of all - yowza on the clear desk. I know I'll be able to sleep a lot better tonight. Ahhhh.
    Second of all (no one really says that, do they?), the whole following orders thing gets to me a bit too. I've actually gotten worse as I age. I'm all about doing it like I'm supposed to be doing it and then putting on the shocked face and saying, "really? I had no idea" after I'm caught.

  2. You make me snigger just a little bit. And that whole thing about kids? Yea... I am having a hard time sounding like my mom.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. funny post! and what colorful beads! glad i found your blog through the a-z

  4. Telling kids to do as you say and not as you do is....well for us rule breakers a challenge to say the very (and I mean very) least. The worst part of it is when the kiddos get older and can bust you! Then the phrase "I'm the Mommy so I can do it" comes out. Oh you can tell I say that too much.