April 20, 2011

H is for me Hoping you have 21 minutes to invest right now

...in yourself.


  1. Well, I wasn't entirely sure I could spare 20 minutes to listen to some unknown woman speak, but when I saw vulnerability was the topic I gave it a shot.

    I cried. She described just about everything I've gone through in the past several years and still moving forward through today. For years, I became an expert at numbing everything and found myself in a very dangerous cycle. Everyday I try to remind myself I'm going to make mistakes and not to focus so much on perfection.

    I've made a lot of changes in my life in the past year. I left teaching and started writing, learning everyday and writing. I just finished reading Stephen Kings book "On Writing" and was brought to crying again with one simple sentence that describes everything in my life right now.

    "Writing is not life, but i think that sometimes it can be a way back to life."

    It's a struggle everyday, but I'm moving forward. I'm leaving the dangerous cycle behind me and discovering my excellence and joy through my focus and devotion to my writing life. Thank you for sharing. Good luck with the challenge!

  2. I did see this before and it was amazing! She really did hit on so many points that happen. I try to remember her thoughts and discoveries. Thanks for the reminder!


  3. Very thought provoking mixed in with some "Ah ha!" and a sprinkle of giggles to make me feel "normal" whatever that is! LOL Great talk Juls! Thanks for sharing!