April 2, 2011

From A to Z in sentences that just keep on running.

If you scroll down and look at the right hand column of this page you'll see a bunch of Julsthings that you probably haven't seen before because really who cares about the flair when the good stuff usually merits its own blog post anyway and so what if it took me 14 hours minutes to design my blog button and dang that's a lot of stuff on your blog, Juls.

Except this time there's something new.  Of course you'll probably not go look for it because duh, here it is being featured in it's own post.  See how that works?

I signed up for This Challenge a few weeks ago and then promptly forgot about it even though I had made the perfect mental note as a reminder and when I couldn't sleep last night over the nagging voice in the back of my head I remembered.  April Fools Day = begin A - Z.

So here I am.  A day late out of the gate but in the race just the same.  And since I already screwed it up I've decided to do it my way and my way says go backward, Juls, because then the end is behind you which means you've already accomplished your goal on the first day. 

I'm starting with Z(s)~ and this whole post is now reduced to being about how little of them I got last night when I couldn't sleep because there was a reminder voice stopping around inside my head.

Why dontcha play, too?  We'll call it The Secret Society of Alphabet Bloggers That Isn't Really Secret At All But It's Our Party and We Can Call It What We Want To.  (TSSABTIRSAABIOPWCCWWWT)

Or I guess we could stick with A to Z, since that's what the founders named it.  Plus its easier to remember.

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