March 30, 2011

My table still looks like a drunk monkey organized it,

so how about a Bead Tray Wednesday?

When I posted those earrings the other day someone asked to buy them.  And since I really liked those earrings I wanted to make them again for me, plus a couple more pairs in different color schemes.  Then I had a few people ask for a tutorial on how to make them, so maybe I'm working on that, too.    I say maybe because if I commit to a specific deadline I'll be apologizing for it next March when I come back to visit posts from this March and realize once again that I suck at finishing have tos when it comes to doing that which I love most~ making treasure from tiny spots of color.    It's the area of my creative life that is purely for the joy of it, and you can't put a deadline on that. 

So Yes, I'll write a tutorial and Yes it will be available either tomorrow or next week or some time after that.  But probably not tomorrow.


  1. They are totally gorgeous! Not surprised folk are clamouring for your beady secrets...

  2. I'll be looking forward to your tutorial when it someday appears. ;) Those are wonderful earrings.

  3. Hi Juls, you shouln't call yourself names like that leave that to us lol, can't wait to see what you create ttfn L:)

  4. Could you send the monkey over here to organize my bead table? 'Cause it would be an improvement...And I'm not a bit surprised those earrings were snatched right up!

  5. Cute earrings... I will patiently wait for the tutorial too...but hey no pressure!


  6. SO that is where my druken monkey ran off to! Tell him to get his butt back home. I have beader's block! I see that Julsbeads needle case! Love ya Juls!