March 7, 2011

I'm kind of afraid to touch this title because I might end up killing it.

Like I did my torch. These are some of the last bead sets I made with my Mini CC before I became a murderess, and they are newly listed in my Etsy Shop along with some cute earring pairs.

If anyone needs me, I'll be over here making beads in the fire of 2 sticks rubbed together.

How hard could it be?


  1. oh no! Bless your heart. not fun when u break your favorite toy.

    anyone live close enough for you to ahmmm "borrow" theirs when they are not looking? lol

    at least your final beads are beautiful. :o)

  2. these are some GORGEOUS beads! i hope there is still life in your torch. in the words of miracle max, "it is only MOSTLY dead." hoping you can fix it.

  3. Oh No Juls...keep trying! Im sure others have messed their torch and got it straight! Beautiful beads btw..

  4. Oh totally rubbish for you :-( I so hope you can fix it....or get a new one. Can you do a sponsored something? A major destash on etsy to fund it? Ask others to destash to fund it?? We need more Juls Beads!

  5. I sure hope you get your torch working again! Your package is on its way to you as we speak!

  6. These are awesome beads. Can't wait to see the "stick" beads. LOL

  7. I just peed in my pants a little because you're cracking me up...just like you must've cracked up that torch. Sorry for the trauma in the shiny shack. Hope you can work it soon!