March 24, 2011

I knew I could count on you guys!

Thanks so much for sharing those words with us in yesterday's comments, because now I really have *so* much to say.

That being said, due to the awesome malaise that is so scrumptiously loving my enthusiastically discombobulated need to recoordinate my efforts into some kind of productivity, and considering my policy of cleaning, photographing and listing beads in the wee morning hours has managed to spill over into early afternoon and there is somewhere else I really need to be right now, I'm afraid I have used up my allotted blogging time and must now stop typing before the magnitude of this run on sentence sends such strong quake-like shockwaves into your brain that your head explodes.

Like mine just did.

Today's new Etsy Shop beads~


  1. Love the unique collection of beads.they can create a lot of innovative jewelry from these.Love jewelry ad a variety of them.

  2. Mmmmm Hmmmm. You just go about your business, leave your door unlocked and um, those hearts might all be missing when you got back. But I'm sure they'll be alright errr, ummm, wherever they end up. ;o)

  3. Gorgeous stuff! That was possibly the best big-word, run-on sentence ever. ;D

  4. Between the magnitude of that big ass sentence and the beauty of your beads - my EYES exploded!

  5. I am with both Dawn ( I be picking her up soon ) and Ellen ( my eyes just done popped out my head did a happy dance and now need to rest)