March 10, 2011

I covet no longer which is good because I'm not down with goin' to Hell.

Remember when I shared my adoration for these cuffs last week? 

I found this one in my mailbox, a gift from Nancy.  If you aren't familiar with her work now would be a good time to go investigate.  It'll blow your mind.

This is the most comfortable lightweight that's so me bracelet I currently own.  In fact I almost got in the shower with it on this morning, a fact made doubly dubious by the fact that I forgot to take it off before bed last night.  It's like skin with a year round tan.  Love.

Trust when I tell you there is not a more poignant message that could have arrived at a more perfect time.

Thank you, Nancy~
for your friendship, for your generous soul,
for sharing your incredible talent
and light with the world.


  1. Nice gift! That was so sweet of her.
    Have a happy day today Juls

  2. You are SO welcome, and SO sweet and just the bestest person ever, you are!!! HUGE hugs and wishes for a very wonderful torch-hunting weekend!!!! :D

  3. Powerful message! What a stunning design! I think that is the PERFECT token of love from a dear friend! How wonderful she thought of you!

    Juls, things are turning around my dear... I feel it in my bones! Sending love & positive vibes your way!

  4. What a wonderful gift! The bracelet does look so comfortable and the word is perfect.
    Have a wonderful day Juls!

  5. I know why she sent it! You ARE the bestest bestest friend and she believes in you! I do too!!!!

    Hugs Always

  6. Hey Juls, what a wonderful pif and you are very deserving for all you do for others including your furry friends. ttfn ;)

  7. Like that cuff a lot. Had to go visit and see more of her work. Very nice! Thanks for introducing her to us all.

  8. It is a beautiful surprise in the mailbox.the piece looks beautiful and she sent it with so much of love.That is what gifts are meant to be ...right from the heart.