February 4, 2011

I may never leave!

Guess what I found!  A coffee shop with WiFi!  And Cappuccino!  I'm on my second one! 

I don't even care that I must look like a total cliche sitting here in purple leggings, black boots & sweater ~crowned with my black beret~  glancing out at a cold rainy day while typing away on my laptop like I'm penning the next great American novel.

Huh.  Maybe I'll try that sometime.


PS.  I love you people...seriously.  It made my morning to sign in and see comments on a post even after I told you I wouldn't be back online until Tuesday.   A.w.e.s.o.m.e. S.a.u.c.e.


  1. I love the image of you in a beret. And purple leggings. Drinking cappucino.

    I love my coffee shop. Now I just need to find me a beret. And a laptop.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. I can totally imagine you writing the most hilarious novel EVER and I would be first in line to get a copy. I might even ask you to wipe coffee over on the first page before you autograph it just for the memories :)

  3. I am so happy you are warm and happy and comfortable! Enjoy your cappucino!!!!! Have a sip for me.

  4. Thanks... now I have the song Raspberry Beret by Prince jamming in my head. And in case you want it in yours too, here's the linky:

    Yep, I'm now bobbing my head and playing my air guitar! Good thing I'm not holding a cappuccino right now! :o) Hope you enjoyed the WiFi at the coffee shop! And hope you get back soon!

    Tuesday is just around the corner... swear! :)


  5. Hee hee... that is so ironic because my girlfriend just told me about the new cafe that has opened a 10minute walk from us that apparently has great coffee and free Wi-fi! Now I don't drink coffee but hubby does so at least he will be a happy chappy!

    Enjoy your coffee!


  6. Thank god! I was needing a Juls fix.

  7. At least you look good, right!

  8. You are awesome sauce to the max!!!! I needed you and WOW you were right there! Today was rough but you made it easier and for that I have no words other than you have the most beautiful, open and generous heart and I am sooooo lucky to have you in my corner!!!!!!!!!!! Ok maybe I did have the words....go figure!!!


  9. Hi nut! Enjoy a few lattes for me!

    I just found a drink at my local shop called "A Night in Venice" that has some mix of chocolate, cherry, and hazelnut. Oh, and some coffee. It is suuuuuwwweeeetttt!