January 18, 2011

Today's fun thing.

I am no longer dying of sick, so I am going to tell you a story about my Tuesday.

In recent years I have been less than thrilled with my haircuts, so I decided to try out a new stylist based on the recommendation of several friends.

She happened to answer the phone when I called the salon, so it was way too easy to explain that "my hair is so long I struggle not to mistake it for toilet paper.  IT HAS TO GO."

She luckily had a cancellation and if I could get there within 10 minutes it was on.   I could so I did.

We chatted a bit while she washed and conditioned and brushed my hair.

When she sat me in her chair and asked hesitantly at best "please put your index finger on the side of your arm at the point you would like your length to be", I had no choice but to poke her in the eye. 

Okay, that's not true.  I poked myself in the eye and pointed randomly at my upper shoulder with the words "cut to there".

That's when she started crying and offering me gummy bears, saying something about long haired people always freak out and no way blahblahblah.

I calmly assured her I was cutting it to weave a love basket for Matty McConaughey, and because that is probably the best reason ever to alter your hair she was all like "SWEET! You can cut mine next!"

I covered my eyes before the stroke of the scissors and that must have made her nervous again because she whipped her hand around holding my now unattached locks and dangled them in my face fearfully asking "Is that too much!?"

Tears pooled in my eyes as I held the length of beauty that was once mine.  In turn her eyes grew as big as saucers~ confused, apologetic, guilty ~ and I realized maybe I was taking this acting thing a little too far so I winked and threw a few gummy bears at her.

That's when realization hit her.  She called me a bitch! and a new friendship was born.


If you are able, please donate to Locks of Love.

I'll be your BFF.


  1. Haven't had long hair since I was a little tom-boy and it didn't look good even then.
    As a cancer "thriver", I thank you for your donation to Locks of Love.

  2. Still gorgeous for sure and with the biggest heart in the whole wide world! What a package!

    Squnches in bunches!

  3. Girl... you ROCK! Somebody is going to become suddenly spontanious, uber verbose and incredibly talented just by wearing those locks which you so graciously donated. Bless your heart!

    Gummi bears are a food from heaven... and I'm quite certain that I'll be having a 5 gallon drum waiting for me when I get there (hopefully not to soon.) ;) But either way, it'll be a big 'ole party and gummi bears for all!

    Wheres the new pic??? You can't say I chopped off all my hair and offer us no picture... geez.

    Hope you are feeling all hot diggity!

  4. I have donated my hair twice in my life. The last time, in 1996, my hair was past my knees. I have had short hair since then.


  5. Oh, Miss Juls. You are a singular soul. What a thoughtful and generous gift! When my kids and husband no longer demand that I keep my hair shoulder length it is coing right back to the shorty-mcshortness that it once was. And the locks will be donated with love. My daughter had her first ever haircut at 9 1/2 and donated 8 inches this fall.

    Thanks for sharing this story. You bitch, you.


    Enjoy the day!

  6. Haha! So glad you're feeling better and that you made a new bitchin' friend :) I am pretty close to the Locks of Love donation stage myself. Thanks for reminding me!

  7. I can grow my hair long...for Locks of Love as long as they don't cut it past my ears--otherwise I look totally dorky-snorky with shorty-short hair. :D

    Glad you're feeling better.

  8. I want to see it! I'll bet you look even more super gorgeous!

  9. Love this story. What a great way to make a new friend.

  10. What a great thing to do!!!
    Every once in a while I hear about someone donating their hair...the gesture is so wonderful to me...

    I've never had my hair all one length that I can remember...long yes but usually with layers...too late now as I'm way too old for long hair! :0)

    You must feel naked now...with out the locks to flip...
    Have a wonderful day...

  11. I would love to donate but my hair starts breaking off long before it gets to that point.

    Oh and the important part. How do you like your new haircut?

  12. Oh I wish I'd been there -- I'd have had a beer waiting for you! I remember when I cut off my VERY long hair! But you have the face to rock something short (and I could see it asymmetrical, too, something COOL that I could only WISH to wear).

    Yay for Locks of Love!