November 20, 2010

Speaky Mctalkalot defines Wordy.

My grandparents are 80 something fantastic~ the quintessential southern Nana who hovers and feeds and loves truly unconditionally and the strongest gentlest manly man grandaddy who to this day still spends 3 or 4 days a week working at the old farm homestead chopping and burning and mowing and feeding several ponds worth of gigantic catfish and brim...even though noone has lived there for 50 years.  He is a Purple Heart Recipient Veteran and a humble man of faith.  He's also stubborn as a goat.  Actually, my Nana is too.  Which means I come by it honestly. 

But this is about my grandaddy.  He's had cancer a few times and multiple surgeries and ultimately lost half of his jaw as a result.  The cancer is back so the 3 of us are traipsing to the hospital 3 days a week every 3rd week for a chemo regimen.  (the prognosis is for full remission.  SQUEE.)  He has MS.  He has diabeties.  He also has a nice scar from where a rattlesnake bit him a few years ago while he was clearing some brush at that farm I mentioned.  The farm that is 10 miles from the nearest person.  Ten miles doesn't sound like a lot until you figure that a man in his 70s walked a half mile to his truck and drove himself the 10 miles to the little country store to walk in and ask for an ambulance before passing out after he was bitten by a rattlesnake.

So when I tell you he stood up Wednesday from having just received a 2 hour chemo drip and announced "I want a STEAK" what I mean is he ate the better part of a huge one about an hour later.

They sure don't make 'em like that anymore, and I'm not talking about the steak.


Chalcedony was the first of the multicolor glasses I played with last year and I wasn't much impressed with it.  (read that as this color hates me so Imma shove it in the back of the rack)  Yesterday I dug it out to make some crosses and I must have been sticking out my tongue just right or holding my breath the entire time because OH EM GEE gorgeous!

My crosses are free handed.  No mold is used.


Also?  I want to kiss these people on the mouth.

Not all at once though.  That might be kinda gross.



  1. OOOH pretty colors on the crosses!! Beeeyooootifulll! And the video - people filled with the "SUPER Awesome Sauce" as Juls says!!! :)

  2. And P.S - even though I am a YANKEE by birth, I want me some southern grandparents, dammit! I love listening to the old southern vets tell stories (because we all KNOW nobody can tell a story like an old southern gentleman!) - I sit and wish, "Man! I wish this guy was MY PopPop!" =)

  3. What wonderful grandparents you have and your grands sounds like an amzing man. I also love your beads and thanks for sharing that cool video.

  4. Grands are so awesome sauce! Thanks for the video I needed a pickmeupoutofthisslump thing!


  5. I loved your story of your Grandparents. I think our grandparents are made of stronger stuff. They didn't get into debt, they gave to our country, they lived within their means, and raised their kids. Only one of my kids Grandparents are still alive. Can I borrow yours?
    Oh and the beads are beautiful!

  6. That was so great the way you told about your Grandfather! You come from might good stock Juls. Imagine many people working hard like that today and enjoyiing it? They dont know the grandeaur of what they are missing! I lived in SC for years on a farm there is nothing like it!
    Your beads what colours so very beautiful!

  7. You got some great genes! and some great beads too!

  8. Thanks for sharing the story about your gramps and grandma. Aren't grandparents the most awesomest thing! I miss mine everyday.
    Love the glass you used for the cross - the colors are fantastic! Are you free handing the crosses or using a mold? Just curious because I use a cross mold and mine sure as heck don't look as nice as yours!
    The crosses are yummy girl! Tell your gramps I am rooting for him!

  9. Best wishes to your wonderful grandparents - I can tell that you cherish them (as you should!)

  10. Actually, I think that most of those people are psychotic. How many broken bones do you think went into the making of that? I will NOT be showing that to my kid!
    But your grandpa? Now he is AWESOME (and you got a whole heapin' ton of that same awesome sauce).
    Much love to you both.

    Enjoy the day!

  11. All inspirational Juls! Nice colors in the glass.
    Just goes to show when we think we can, we can. My biggest regret in life is that I let fear take away so many years of my life- No more!! I refuse to be afraid to live.
    That doesn't mean I am going to go out and try some of those amazing stunts though. I will just thrive on the inspiration they bring.
    Give your grandparents big hugs from me please!! Mine have passed away but lived into their 90's. I hope to be that lucky and healthy. I have so much to do!!

  12. Juls! awesome crosses - awesome hot video-! loved the tunes! Can I be in the kissing booth with you and them?

  13. Awwww, I could totally hug that stubborn gramps and grandmama ... because of their good choices we're blessed with YOU!!!! So I ♥ them very, very much!

    Is that the Nana that makes the Because you can let her know, I'll be by for a visit after the holidays and I'd love to be an adopted granddaughter - k?

    Your crosses are beautiful, it's like a swirl of emotion, happiness, love, strength, generousity... they say it all!

    Hope your week is marvelous! xo

  14. Your grandaddy sounds like a real good one! You are lucky & blessed to have both your grand parents. I hope he makes a full recovery!
    The new crosses are amazing! And, having some of the first crosses in my hot little hands, I can tell you they are more beautiful in person! If you promise not to tell my husband, I'll send you an email!!