September 1, 2010

Surfin' on the Sun

You know you wanna.


No, I haven't wandered off somewhere and died.   I have however had the kind of crazy 2 weeks which make the idea of doing so not all that unappealing.  That being said I am still a super fan of being above ground ~ especially when I get to use my words.

For now though they are limited to yelling the lyrics that float out of the stereo in the studio.  Having spent a week out of commission makes me seriously consider taking my torch to bed with me at night.

I'm in the shack out back all day every day ~ serenading the neighbors who I'm sure are loving every minute of it.    Really.


  1. I am so glad you are among the living! I don't know about everyone else, but I have missed Juls Speak! I hope you are having a blast on the torch! Love the beads you posted today. Have a great sing fest and a great rest of the week. Peace girl.

  2. As you will soon see the search party has been assembled and you may have had only a few more hours before we started the "Where are you and Are you Ok" emails! Now that you have posted some prettilicious pieces from your mystical shack out back we are breathing a collective sigh of relief. (don't mind the drool those are truly prettilicious!)


  3. Sing it, girlfriend!

    Love the new beads!

  4. Glad you are well again and welcome back!

  5. So glad to see you. Hope you stay well. Missed you

  6. Hey welcome back to the land of living! Wonderful to see you back on board and can't wait to see what pretties you make next!


  7. Hey Juls, Shout your heart out!! but don't get burned by your latest torch! LOL Love that color combo. I am going to give in to a purchase from you very soon. In the meantime you have won my giveaway so come on over and see!!

  8. Juls you GO GIRL!! Torch and Sing! lol This is great you are well again...:)