September 29, 2010

Hello Baileys! Come to mama.

I had a bout of insomnia last night.  And by insomnia I mean I stayed up until 2 am chatting with fellow glass artists on LE and drinking my weight in Dr Pepper.  I've been such a good girl cutting down my DP intake lately, but I've never been guilty of doing anything halfway so when I fell off the wagon yesterday I ended up in China.

(that means Dr Pepper is awesome.  Or Crazy American)

Needless to say when I awoke at 6:30 this morning, which counts as a full half hour of sleeping IN according to my hungry furkids,  I found myself in need of some extra Stay Awake Ness.  While I've never been much of a coffee drinker, it is a rare ocassion like this that dictates a small canister be kept in the freezer.

I will never be able to wrap my head (or tastebuds) around black coffee.  I must have the sweet and it must contain cream, which explains the single bottle of International Cafe Creamer that I usually have in the fridge. 

And that explains why I might be sipping warm booze at 8:47 am.


Check out this awesome hand charm from SpiritedEarth.   I am a huge fan of Nan's work.  It is super organic and at the same time her attention to even the smallest detail is meticulous.  Nan is pretty awesome herself, and when I ordered a couple of these hands with special projects in mind she very generously included a couple of extras.  Extras which I am keeping for myself because if you've been reading this blog for very long you know that I am...feel free to say it with me...shameless.

I'm undecided on the name of this Talisman piece, and the battle rages between Get Your Hand Out of the Cookie Jar, Gotta Hand it to Ya, Hand Over Fist, Hand Me the Remote, Hands Down the Stupidest Name Ever, or maybe A Helping Hand.

I'll give you three guesses which one is in the lead.

Man, this coffee is even good cold.



  1. I love this necklace. I am sooooo serious. I am IN love with this necklace!!! How gorgeous, and what a perfect length, and just WOW...can I have some of your coffee now????!! (Just kidding, I really do love this. Are you keeping it, or selling it??????) Julianna do ROCK, yes she do... (and now I am hoping that I spelled your name correctly)

  2. Can I get a Oh-Heck-Yes!!!! Now that's what I'm talking about girl! I wish I had thought of Bailey's for Breakfast... mmmm, but it would be just as appreciated with lunch... mmmmmm.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog sweets! I love your spirit and your creativeness. Your beadz made my birthday superwonderful! :)


  3. you can never go wrong w/ coffee/hooch combo!!

  4. Dang girl, that necklace is the bomb! Love, love, love it! I love drinking a combination of Pepsi and my fav coffee in the whole world, Deadman's Reach; now that combo will wake you up!
    Have a great day girl!

  5. Oh yeah I'm in for Bailey's in the morning! How bout a party?

    That necklace rocks my socks off! A little of this and that (added Dr.Pepper mist to the fairy pee) and OMG!
    Make more and more and more!!!!!

    Squnches and smooches to you!

  6. Your necklace was greeted into the arena with such exuberance! Very unique and will have a new home asap. My thought was, "That's a hand that receives"! Just saying..... Love that Irish Cream with coffee. Had to give up Dr. Pepper, but it's the best. FYI, the Old Navy store here in central WI, where winter could set in any day, has an entire wall display of flip-flops, in a rainbow of colors. Isn't it great?

  7. You must have been sending some of your insomniac vibes my way because I was up until 1:33am to be precise. But I was only wrasslin' my computer into shape because I had been blog-less for far too many days (which caused a follower to wander away). And sometime between the hours of 1:34am and 8:02am my internet took a crapper. Now I not only have no internet at home but no Vonage phone either. Double dang. That's okay. I hate talking on the phone anyway. Next time you are up late you should try emailing me. I might be too.
    And my two best friends are Coffee and Concealer. Try making coffee, freezing it in ice cube trays then making iced coffee (with loads of flavored creamer). Yum!
    Enjoy the day!

  8. dear dr pepper girl..
    that necklace is the best.just love it..
    ps.. caffeine in DP might be keeping you awake..unless you are immune by now..
    i've gone to caffeine free drP.