July 14, 2010

Thoughts and things and words and stuff.

When I woke up Tuesday morning and realized I had forgotten to blog on Monday, I accidentally fired myself.   Later in the day I realised that meant there would never be another Julsbeads blog post ever ever EVER again, and since I am positively weepy with love for words I decided that I would rehire myself, but only after I spent the day sitting in the corner thinking about my negligent behavior.

I might even have made myself write "I failed to BED* in July" 100 times on an imaginary chalkboard, but that isn't the kind of thing a sane person admits.


I've been playing on the torch:  Colorful, Funky and BIG.


My entire seed bead stash is rainbow sorted into trays and because I can't stack them sky high and still have access the outer rim of under my bed now looks like this:

I have finally settled on a final plan for the cabinet, so won't you join me in hoping it is finished within a couple of weeks?  It sure would be a waste of all that organization if I were to go to prison for stalking the cabinet dude.  Patience may be a virtue I lack but I'm all stocked up on wanting everything right now just the way I want it.  Word.


*Blog Every Day


  1. Glad you are rehired. How can we live without your blog posts

  2. You made me SMILE! Glad to hear that you re-hired yourself. Love the beads and am envious of all of those lovely seed beads.....
    Bead Happy!

  3. thanks for the laugh - man, i would have been fired so many times for not bed-ing... and losing my camera hasn't helped! hoping for the cabinet guy to get his self in gear... and get working for you!

  4. I'm so glad you re-hired yourself. We need your words AND your beads.

    I'd be afraid to store my beads under my bed...monsters, ya know!

  5. Oh my fired? Ok now that is uncalled for! I will not have you firing yourself again!!

    I love the beads you know why don't you?

    Did you know it's my favorite color?


  6. Um yeah! IIIIIII noticed one day missing! ;) missed you.- fantastic colorful wild new beads! LoVE! so glad you and Donald Trump had a changed of heart :)


  7. Go read about my Julsbeads inspiration. I want you to be grinning from ear to ear and I don't want you to force yourself to BED. So glad that you were rehired. Its tough out there in this economy to hold onto a job, much less one that you have to fire yourself from. I have a firm "no obligation" rule with my blogging. Absolutely, positively only when I have something riveting to say. And then I write so dang much because I have such a love of words too that blogging only when absolutely necessary keeps my readers sane. Because I have heard that when people see that I have written something they wait to read until they have time. And a cuppa something. I'm just sayin'.

    Love you lots, whether you blog or not!
    Enjoy the day!

  8. r u being a slaker or just NOT going to list the new beads on etsy? also, u must remember if you get locked up u can't go to the beach.

    just sayin'

  9. Thank goodness you re-hired yourself because I would be devastated without your words! Love the new beads and I can't wait to see your new organization!

  10. I am glad that you are re-hired! You make me laugh!!!! love that orange and blue bead, covet actually......

  11. <3 y'all, man.

    @Courtney, why not enable your email preference on your profile so other bloggie type people can respond to your comments directly, mmmmkay? :D

  12. You may be rehired but you are on a very, very short rope lady... I am keeping my eye on you and this blogging malarky. Buckle up!