July 19, 2010

On being from Alabama

Y'all have probably figured out by now that I am Southern.  I'm not talking Paula Dean everywordhas52syllablessouthern,  although sometimes my own accent does look at me with raised eyebrows.

I'm talking gigantic family southern.  Traditional values southern.  Speaking your mind southern. Boiled peanuts and fried okra southern.  And most recently?  Canning southern. 

One of the best things about where I live is a little town named Slocomb where you will find THE best tomatoes anywhere ever hop up and down 3 times smack your mama Amen.  There is a short Summer window when these babies are availabe, so for a few weeks every year I try to eat 27 tomato sandwiches for lunch every day. 

On Saturday I decided to learn what canning was all about so I could enjoy Slocomb Tomato Manna all year long. I bought a super deluxe canning kit and a buncha yummy~

Squee, Right?

52 hours of labor and $783 later I have 4 jars of salsa.


Next year I'm sticking with the sandwiches.



  1. Yum! I love, love tomatos. Real,summer tomatos. Looks delish.

  2. But I am sure that you will enjoy every $16.31 morsel that you put in your mouth, right?

    That price makes Tostitos salsa sound perty good.

    Enjoy the day!

  3. well jump up and down three times and smack your mama give me some delicious salsa please! that was awesome and fun reading. mwah!

  4. That's why we luv ya Juls! A good Southern Girl is hard to find! That salsa may be expensive but it is probably the best ever!!!!!


  5. Oh My...I have my smile on now! I love the jump up and down and smack your mama!!!! I am going to have to use that sometime. You made my day Juls and that salsa looks oh so freaking good! Enjoy that salsa girl!

  6. You are too funny! You know you are going to enjoy the heck out of that salsa! It does look tasty!

  7. Jump up and down three times and smack your mama 3 times Amen! I just had to say it out again! That salsa looks good and I bet it tastes real good too! Enjoy your summer.

  8. Does that mean you are going to invite me for margaritas and salsa and margaritas and margaritas??

  9. you know that you could take those tomatoes and chop them up and put them in a gallon zip lock, lay 'em flat in the freezer and you'd be good to go? it's the cheating way...but then you have those fresh tomatoes through the year....

    I can't wait for our tomatoes and beans (dilly beans...YUM, YUM, YUMMY!)
    Bead Happy!

  10. Oh now you have the deluxe canning kit, it won't cost near as much to make salsa next year.