July 3, 2010

I'll think of a better title next time.


Dude.  I went out to the shack this morning to finish up a few custom order sets, then I accidentally found my groove and the next thing I know it is almost dark thirty.   

There are some colorful holiday explosions taking place in about 45 minutes, so quick story and I'm outtie.

This is the necklace that I finished up late last night.  The inspiration behind it?  There is another glassy (let's call her Classy to save confusion) on a forum that I belong to who confessed that she once posted this set of beads in the Show and Tell and another glassy sent her a private message to say that the beads were not show quality and that Classy should stick to sharing her work in the Newbie thread.  That resulted in Classy shoving these beads in a drawer and discontinuing the sharing of her work in the show and tell.

There was recently a conversation about just this type of thing on the forum, and Classy showed the beads and told the story.  Let me clarify right now that most members on the forum are very supportive and encouraging of one another,  so when the story was shared we were all a bit taken aback that a) someone would be so tacky and b) Exqueese me!?  The beads are gorgeous! 

To show her appreciation for the encouragement she received when she posted the beads a second time, she offered to do a drawing and have her husband draw the winning number.  Most members encouraged her to sell them, but I kind of thought she should make herself a piece of jewelry to wear as a reminder not to let anyone ever make her second guess herself again.  Needless to say she was adamant about giving them away, so I entered the drawing.  TWICE.  That's probably why I won, because I'm shameless when I really want something.

I made this necklace to surprise Classy so she will have something tangible and positive out of the experience.

I should admit that I kept one bead for myself.  Told ya.  Shameless.



  1. what a sweet thing to do! she is going to love her necklace....and be pround of her beads too

  2. Juls, that's why we love you so freakin' much! Cuz you're heart is 90% of your being! What a wonderful, sweet, supportive gift. You're a darlin... a true gem!

    Keep being you girl, 'cuz you're special!

    P.S. It's now O'Dark Thirty as well, so I'm off to slumber. :)

  3. such an awesome inspirational person you are.

    Have a safe 4th!

  4. Juls you are the greatest! That was an awesome thing to do for her. The beads are gorgeous and what you made for her was totally beautiful.
    You the bomb girl!

  5. Juls you are the goddess! What a gift and the beads are gorgeous! I haven't come across any one who would not support me in this awesome beading community and if I did I me thinks I would probably feel the same as Classy. For her to have such a friend in you is a testament to both of you! Thanks for sharing this story and Classy your beads are stunning! keep it up!!!!!

  6. Gorgeous Juls, Your support of your friend Classy is awesome and tell Classy there is no taste like great taste and not everyone has it.

  7. Awww what an awful experience for Classy but what a wonderful outcome thanks to you!

    Those beads are gorgeous and you have certainly done them justice. Such a lovely thing to do and I am sure she will treasure this piece forever, and you as a wonderful friend.


  8. Juls, you are a Class A person and an example of everything that is right about being an artist. Unfortunately there are those people out there like that unenlightened person on the forum who told Classy her beads weren't "good enough." I had an art teacher like that my first year in college, which is why I am a librarian now and not living in some funky little seaside town creating beautiful things for a living.

    Although, now I create beautiful things for fun!

  9. <3 <3 <3

    You people make my heart melt. Thank you for the sweetest feedback evah.

    <3 <3 <3

  10. What a great story and what a thoughtful idea on your part! Y'know, there's one thing about forums - there's ALWAYS one of THOSE people that just has to deflate everyone else. I don't know why. Good for you for helping to take the "sting" out of that particular experience for Classy.

  11. I can't believe that someone told her that those beads weren't good enough. They are flipping beautiful.

    And I think that you should call yourself Classy. What a wonderful thing you are doing!