July 22, 2010

I wasn't just whistling Dixie, y'all.

Feel free to ignore the bead release in the holes.
They haven't been bathed in fairy pee yet.

PS.  How does one whistle Dixie anyway? 

PSS.  Am I going to get fired by a top secret society of Southern police for not knowing how to do it or even what it is?

PSSS.  If I do, I'm moving to Costa Rica.  Or Oregon.



  1. I for one never doubted you ;) Your stuff is always gorgeous and producing it in large quantities just makes me look at the picture longer!

  2. Great beads. Fairy pee?? is that the trick. Dang why didn't anyone tell me?

  3. If fairy pee it the trick I call all fairies to promptly stop what your are doing and go directly to Juls studio and PEE AWAY!!!!! I don't what anything to disrupt her making pretties!

    If you get fired and need to move I will more than happily oust my hubby's cub cadet and son's 4 wheeler and make you a shiny shack here in the north. You just say the word!


  4. course you know how to whistle Dixie......just put your lips together and blow!

    purty beads u did there.

  5. You've been away ages - Have you moved to Costa Rica or Oregon?

  6. where are you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know, you are cooking up more redunkulously stunnericious beads for us to drool over! you and that kiln- man! ah well I am thinking of you- missing your posts and big xoxoxo


    HI eternally distracted- you crack me up!

  7. I'm not going to call the Southern Police, but Dixie is a tiny town in Brooks County, GA. Ride on over to to Dothan and head east on US-84. You'll hit Pansey, Donalsonville, Iron City, Bainbridge, Climax, Whigham, Cairo, Thomasville, Boston, and finally Dixie. And you're right, I don't know how you would whistle Dixie either. There might be a law against that sort of thing. My town famously has the law that states chicken may not cross the road. And no worries, I'm not stalking, just lurking. I read your post about canning tomatoes and realized I lived pretty darn close to you (keep going on through Dixie and the next town is mine).