July 5, 2010

Beads of Courage

Please take a moment to GO HERE and vote for this worthiest of causes.  Then please go back and vote once a day through July 31st.

I know that seems like a hassle, but it's the smallest actions that sometimes make the biggest differences.  In this case it means empowering an organization that empowers our children every day.

Read This to learn more about this outstanding program.

If you are a beadmaker who would like to donate beads you can find more information HERE.
Cash donations are also accepted  HERE.

Please be sure to spread the word and share this on your blog, myspace, and Facebook pages. Let's come together as a creative community and kick BOC into the top 10!



  1. Juls - Great post! Love that you shared it earlier on FB! The more people that take ACTION the more that the cause will be able to help the kids!

    I actually heard about Beads of Courage about 6 or 8 months ago. It was featured on our local news doing a story from Children's Hospital in Milwaukee. It was really, really touching. You can't help but take action for something this worthy!

    Hope you don't mind me peaking at your spelling test, but I'm going to copy you - k?

    You are the best girly!