June 24, 2010

Who loves Avatar the mostest-ostest? Who? Who Does?

I found this fantastic raku face at Turtle Island Beads about 5 years ago and hadtohaveitrightnowOMG!   I had definite plans to make something fabulous with it immediately, so when I got home it went straight into a drawer where it has been for the last 5 years.   Hush.

 I thought of him when inspiration finally hit for Ra'Ni and that's when I realized why he's been hiding out for so long.  He couldn't very well exist without a world to call his own, a world from which he came.  Ra'Ni is that world.
Born of duality,
He is an old soul.

Half peaceful and calm.

The other angry and warlike.

The only of his kind to balance the contradictions,
he is the last of the Nu'Pa people.

He carries now only what he prizes most:
A single stone from each spiritual mine on Ra'Ni~
one from Faith, one from Hope,
and the largest from Love.

He travels between universes
with his Mind's Eye open
seeking nothing
which he does not already have.



  1. That is seriously awesome! Oh and I am the queen of "must have it now so it can sit in my drawer for years." I should probably do something about that.

  2. The story behind this old soul is as intriguing as the face itself...you have a talent for creating a wonderful picture with words, Juls. This is a really special piece, well done my friend.

  3. ...and he emerges from his five year imprisonment looking fabulously gorgeous!

  4. GorGEOUS! Love him. His 5 years in hiding has been well worth it!
    Bead Happy!