May 9, 2010

ONE DAY Lampwork SALE~ Mom's the Word!

I'm headed to my mama's in a bit for some grilled ribs and burgers and I'm not eating breakfast because y'all just don't know how good my dad's grillin' skillz are and how my mama's fixins put the awesome in awesome and how I plan to eat everything that won't eat me first and then have homemade ice cream with the fresh strawberries that I picked with my very own 2 hands in a giant strawberry field and dang if I don't sound like a bona fide southerner or riveria redneck but I don't care because I love my mama!
And run on sentences!

To celebrate Mother's Day I am having a ONE DAY SALE~
(read entire post for details!)

I will take $5 off every collection in my ETSY SHOP!

Since this is a last minute idea, I have NOT reduced the prices in the shop.  The sale price will be $5 less than the price listed.  So TODAY ONLY whether you buy 1 collection or 10, each one will be discounted $5.  Sale ends at midnight, CST.
Please send me a convo after purchase with your paypal address so that I may adjust the final price and send you an invoice.   Easy peasy.

And whether your kids are the 2 legged kind or the 4 legged variety or those with fins swimming in a bowl~

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.  You are amazing.


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