May 30, 2010

'Cause if Blogger ain't happy ain't nobody happy.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned somewhere on this blog that I am stubborn.  Because I am.  Really and Very. Especially when it comes to making an idea work.  Especially if making that idea work can be done the hard way.  Hellooo, stubborn.

The very first bead embroidery bracelet I ever made was stitched into quarter inch thick rawhide leather.  Let me say that again.  QUARTER INCH THICK RAWHIDE LEATHER.   Right now there is a bead embroidery veteran somewhere who is sitting on her hands while reading this and quite possibly crying from painful memories of having them resemble hamburger meat.  Unless of course she is laughing because she is the complete opposite of me and purchased herself some Lacy's Stiff Stuff as soon as it hit the market.  But as I said, I'm stubborn.  It was years before I decided to try LSS and when I finally did, Heaven opened and a ray of divine light shone down upon me and smacked me in the back of the head. 

Since then I'm a lot more open about testing new materials, so when I discovered Nicole's bead backing  I knew I had to try it.  Here is what I have discovered:
It doesn't fray like the competition with repeated passes of the needle.  It is a little stiffer and yet still as pliable as butter. And did I mention it comes in delicious perfect versatile colors?   Gone are the days of RIT stained fingertips!   I love working with this backing.  It is my new favorite thing and Nicole is a superhero for making it available.  You should try it!   If you don't love using it, chances are I'll buy it from you.

I finished this piece using it, and because the color was spot on for my design scheme I left a tad bit showing around the center cab.  If you know my meticulous nature then you understand exactly how awesome that makes this backing.


You want to try it.  Trust.



  1. You could never be a wordy mctalkstoomuch. That is a distinction I hold. And blogger hasn't rebelled....yet. (As I write this I am sure that there are computers revving up to take up that challenge). I love the way you think, write and create. Keep doing it. No matter what crap Blogger sends your way.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. You are so funny!!!
    This is a beautiful piece, Julianna.
    I am so glad you like Nicole's backing.
    She is a great person!
    Great testimony.

  3. Sis...that's just gorgeous. LOVE IT!!!! Hugs - Samma

  4. HI Julianna! !!!!!!! Girl you crack me up and eight me every time and I love your funny style so much! And i can honestly say- I- too at times have the "ornery" in my case gene working for me. Shoot. Gorgeous creation btw- as always- but LOVELY! One day soon I am back onto the painting. And more writing. Have great day McTalkie.
    xo< mary

  5. How come your stubborness allowed you to give in to Blogger hamburger hands? ;)

  6. Nicole's BeadBacking is the BEST! I love your necklace...I really like your eclectic style of bead embroidery. Love, love, love!

  7. When I grow up I want to try this backing too! I love my little ventures into your blog it always brightens my day!