April 2, 2010

Why Yes, Turquoise, of course I'll marry you.

I love me some seed beads. L O V E. They are little pieces of magic that can become big magical things with just a touch of imagination. But...rings made of seed beads? NotSoMuch. In 10 years I had never met a seed beaded ring that inspired me to make a seed beaded ring.

This morning I was surfing my bloglist and came across Stefani's rings. And you know what?  They are fun and unique and I like them. I like them so much I decided to make a ring.

I liked the first one so much that I made another.   They are exactly different from those that inspired me, and you can blame that on the voices.

For taking less than an hour each from picking out beads to having them on my finger, they are pretty satisfying in the instant gratification department.



  1. They are great! And a warm welcome to the seed bead ring club:-) You'll see - it's addictive. regards Stefanie

  2. Very nice rings. I do ike Steanie's blog as well.


  3. Damn girl you really are teasing me with the turquoise! Gorgeous - I am thinking this thing will be leaving a nice tan mark on your finger before long! Enjoy!


  4. I admire so much how you whip those seed beads into submission...because I....hate them! There! I've said it! I did a huge piece of stringing with 15 size 25 kt gold charlottes last year (15 is bigger than 13 right?). That is when I started wearing grandma reader glasses. Of course mine are red with white polka dots. But still.
    Enjoy the day!