April 6, 2010

Letting it be

Is it ok to be human on a blog that is built on humor if the being human part isn't necessarily funny? 

If you are still reading,    HAAAAY!

I don't often have snot runnin' down my lip, and I'll likely kick my own butt (with your foot) as soon as I click "publish".

Tonight on American Idol they are singing songs from The Beatles, and the Lennon/McCartney songwriting duo has slapped me right in the soul.



  1. I had to TiVo that particular moment. I haven't been a fan of Goldilocks, but he turned up the heat for me tonight. There may be a real contest here and now!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh I get to watch this tonight over here in the land down under!

    I have to admit my favourite is Crystal - the girl who plays the guitar but played the piano instead last week lol!

    Is Goldilocks - Casey - the guy with the long hair.. the one that Kara (or whatever her name is) is infatuated with?

    Hey do you think Ryan and Simon dislike each other as much as they make out on TV - last week they got quite nasty I thought.

    Ok enough Idol gossip... no one around me watches it so I will have to gossip with you guys.. hee hee.


  3. Crystal, Casey, Siobhan, and Mike are my favs of those left standing~ no doubt they will all be in recording studios no matter who wins. Katy has wicked good talent but it'll take her gaining some life experience before she can really understand the power of her voice. And Lee, I like him too.

    LOL @ Goldilocks. I think a lot of people are infatuated with Casey. I'm not one of them, unless you count me thinking he should be my baby daddy. :P

    As for Ryan and Simon~ it's hard to tell. I actually like Simon ~He comes across as arrogant, but he's quirky and quick to laugh too.

    And Karyn, I'll chat AI with you anytime. :D I love it.

  4. Well for me I can not watch Idol any more. Before my sis passed away we would watch it together via phone. During the commercials we would call each other and talk about each segment. Too difficult for me right now. Glad you are enjoying it.

  5. (((Nicole))) I'm sorry for your loss.

  6. As for showing some of your sensitive side....That's okay (pat, pat, pat on your back)...Even Ellen shows that! As for me...I'm just looking forward to seeing Adam Lambert next week! This season I'm a fan of Crystal with Lee a 2nd :O)....One more note: I have the beads bisque fired and I hope that I didn't go TOO small! :O}

  7. Julianna, I am putting up two cabochons in the next two days, friday and saturday. Will you please look at these and tell me if you can work with one of them?

  8. @MaryAnn, Thanks for that. Hugzies! Don't worry about the size of the beads, I'll make them work in the designs for yo' chirrenz. <3

    @Marie, SQUEE!! I'm super excited to try and do one of them justice.