April 14, 2010

And then I'm off to eat most of his cake.

My best friend was born in the same month as me.   I know, right?  Such nerve.  Apparently he was too busy sprouting limbs in utero to catch the memo about April being mine and how millions of people once lobbied to change the name from April to Juli.  Except maybe it was just one 5 yr old person.  Screaming and rolling around on the floor.   33 years ago.
Still.  He is an artist and since it is his birthday I've finally gotten around to making him something~

Here is a special order for this style with 'purple and pearls'~

Another special order in colors I love so much I may just have to make myself something similar.

But first?  A delica order.  
A big one. 
A very very big one. 



  1. I tell ya... I have to come and read what you write simply because of the titles. The nerve of that guy. But what a snazzy present.
    BTW...do you ever sell your beaded beady goodness links? I love 'em.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Juls, again girl you cracked me up. I'm sitting her sipping a nice iced tea while I took a moment to surf and nearly choked on it as I started to laugh.

    So here's the * on your blog... read without food or beverage in your mouth!

    Great pieces dear! I'm sure you're Delica's FAVORITE customer today! LOL

    Have a terrific day!

  3. Ahhh - the purple one! Love it. regards Stefanie

  4. Nice gift for a guy who has taken an April birthday. Hmmm I thought they were going to change the month of April to Nicole/Beadwright LOLOLOLOL

    Have a good one