January 27, 2010

Studio Style

I'll make you a deal.  If you will be so kind as to accept a few photos in lieu of my giveaway details (just until Friday!) I promise to sweeten the prize.  K?   I got a little distracted by something SHINY! this morning and spent the day wearing a beret and speaking with a French accent.  I bet you think I'm kidding.

I even debated trying to type this in a French accent.  Then I member'd I'm southern.  But if you read it with your own French accent it's kinda the same thing, right?

Some beads I took out of the kiln this morning~

A snippet from my studio~

What?  You don't hand dye thread to that perfect shade of red and then promptly toss it into a bowl of blue beads?


I wasn't planning to launch the sale of my Jars of Clay series for at least another month. I really wanted to work on the designs more.  It seems God has a different timeline, and I've had 17 orders for this type of necklace.  Really? That's the kind of humbling experience that will free you to paint the ceiling purple~ or at the very least don your turquoise beret and speak with a French accent.  Oui.


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  1. Pretties!! Go paint the ceiling...and where whatever hat you want...ooooh la la! haaaaaaa