December 22, 2009

Kitteh Likes Bracelets

Soooo,  the bracelet in blue?  The one I had only to put the edging on before shipping out Monday morning?  Sheba thought it was delicious.

I awoke Monday morning to my precious kitteh asleep with a shredded bracelet half under her head.  If I hadn't of gone into OH NOOOOOOO Freak out mode on the spot, I might have thought to snap a photo.
As it is, her wild eyed crazy hooman sent my cat flying from the room and into hiding for the rest of the day.

The bracelet was a special order that had to be shipped to north Alabama.  I had no time to mourn, so I immediately started another one.  Which, by the way, I adore.  It was not a color combination I use so I've decided the first bracelet was just a familiarity meeting~ opening the door for the second to be a wonderful experience.   It is all the more meaningful, more beautiful, and safely on its way to a very special person for a timely Christmas delivery.   

And don't worry, I let the kitteh live.

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