November 12, 2009


I can't remember ever pairing purple and brown in my work, but you can bet you will see more of it. I adore the balanced tones and elegance of the colors~ A subtle combination that packs a big punch. I used matte and shimmering shades to complement the hues of the lampwork focals. The centerpiece is strung on monochromatic beaded beads which are punctuated with a detailed few to mirror the glass designs.

New Horizons

Aren't we the luckiest? So many ideas, so many beads, so many colors to play with.

Do you have a favorite unexpected color combination? There aren't many of you following my blog yet so leave a comment sharing your favorite, drop me an email with your address, and I'll gift you with a focal in your colors!


  1. HI Julianna! I finally "found" you again a few days ago, love the Cabachons you have gotten back into. So pretty! My new fav colors are Teal & brown together, I'm with you, brown looks so pretty with a number of colors. I think you have my email,, but....I'm not in Enterprise anymore, we are in Orlando. 8532 Northlake Parkway, Orlando, Florida 32827. Lovin your new blog too! Have a great weekend! Dawn Ireland

  2. Dawn! It is so good to hear from you and I'm happy to have you guys back stateside. I hope your overseas tour was wonderful. Teal and brown it is~ Look for a pressie next week. :)