November 5, 2009

And I'm wearing shorts.

I had every intention of melting glass yesterday. Honest.

The first thing I installed in the shack out back was the A/C. This is southern Alabama, ya'll, where we have 2 seasons~ one is what people in moderate climates refer to as Summer. The other is called HelpmeI'mmelting. The point? It never even occurred to me that I would actually require heat in my studio.

Yesterday morning it was 61 degrees in the shack. Sixtyonedegrees = cold hands + shocky glass that shatters and sends little bits of flying no no in every direction. I caught a piece of flying no no with my left eyelid once. It learnt me reel gude.

Moral of the story? Make jewelry, not scars.

So I spent the day doing this instead~

Formal Affair

As soon as I click publish, I'm really going out to light the torch. It is a sweltering 76 degrees in the studio today, so you can bet I've already turned on the A/C.

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